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Workforce Skills-Readiness Classifications (Quantum Computing):
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LevelNameType of question(s) an individual is presently asking
000Quantum CuriousWhat is Quantum Computing?
100Quantum ExplorerWhat is a Ket?
200Quantum ClimberHow to do a Controlled-Z 90-degree Rotation?
300Quantum EnabledWhy does Shor's Algorithm utilize Modular Arithmetic?
400Quantum ReadyHow to make my Algorithm Robust to all that Error?
500Quantum ProfessionalHow can I Monetize my Skills?
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Mon, Aug 22
NSF Workshop on Software-hardware Co-Design for Quantum Computing
Mon., Aug. 22, 2022, 8:00am-Wed., Aug. 24, 2022, 8:00pm (EDT/GMT-0400) [Start time local timezone converter]
selfURL Content Level: 400 (For Quantum Ready)
NSF Workshop on software-hardware Co-Design for Quantum Computing This workshop will function as a hub to spur a large, synergistic, and convergent effort for building a common technological ecosystem that quantum-enabled technologies and classical technologies can live together for mutual benefit and progress in the long term. In this workshop, experts from both industry and academia will gather together and discuss the key challenges that need to be addressed for an end-to-end quantum computing infrastructure. In particular, we advocate the importance of taking a computer engineering perspective. We envision that classic computer engineering techniques (at both software and hardware levels) have the potential to enable transformative scientific and industrial progress for quantum computing. The key is to figure out the grand challenges in the new quantum context. This workshop is to help the computer engineering community better understand and focus on these grand challenges rather than incremental changes, form a stronger collaboration, and propose transformative ideas to achieve significant progress in quantum computing. To this end, experts will be invited to get together to report the latest research progress and discuss their visions of the critical challenges that need to be addressed in the near future and how to tackle these challenges in a synergistic manner. Please click here for more information. STEERING COMMITTE Pinaki Mazumder University of Michigan Yufei Ding University of California, Santa Barbara Ken Brown Duke University Robert Wille Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria Jarrod McClean Google Andrew Cross IBM Ali Javadi-Abhari IBM Yunong Shi Amazon

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